Confessions of a neglected husband

Sex and Lust are a thing of the past, a vague and distant memory. There are truly many frustrated housewives out there wanting their husbands or lovers to give them the loving they want or feel they deserve. This blog is a husbands point of view - the frustration that a male feels when the marriage is still together but of very little physical activity.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I am home alone just surfing through the porn sites, feeling horny. Wishing that my wife was here so that I might be in with a chance of a bonk.

My dick is just so hard from looking at all of the naked young ladies. I just love them in their underwear and even out of the underwear - I just can't go past a woman in her lingerie, there is just something about it. I love women's tits, and them wearing a bra only,complete with a nicely coiffured pussy or even a shaved pussy. Masturbation, I love to watch them just play with their pussies.

My wife has never played with herself in front of me - she just won't, there is some issue with it being a private thing,don't ask me I have no idea. If only she would!

Right now, i want to just pull out my hard cock and stroke it until i just cum. OK, so I am now in the middle of wanking myself whilst I type this. I have broguht myself to the brinkof coming and stopped to type this. I am looking at some pictures that I downloaded of a woman called Ashley from, she is a downright spunk. i love the pictures of her in her pink lingerie, those are the ones that are doing it for right me now.

Does anyone actually read this? Leave a comment if you please, and let me know what you think. Ned


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