Confessions of a neglected husband

Sex and Lust are a thing of the past, a vague and distant memory. There are truly many frustrated housewives out there wanting their husbands or lovers to give them the loving they want or feel they deserve. This blog is a husbands point of view - the frustration that a male feels when the marriage is still together but of very little physical activity.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Time has Nearly Come!

It has been a long time between posts I know - but there has really been nothing to report on. There has been no sex, only the occassional nudge of the wifes back with my little friend to let her know that I am still there. The nudge doesn't lead to sex, she might occassionally feel sorry for me being so horny that she'll yank the plank, but nothing EARTH shattering.
Then there was this...
I feel like I am a schoolboy on his first date. My wildest dreams could come [in both senses of the word] true. Diane has confessed to an attraction and desire to make love to me. Yep, after nearly a lifetime of desire for her, having missed the boat with her sooooooo many times, it might just happen. She has suggested that maybe we can meet up sometime and start an affair.
Now this is dangerous territory I know, but this is Diane we're talking about here. The woman that I have desired and dreamt about since I first saw her. I have always thought that she was way out of my league, that I was to ugly, too fat, too Ned like.
I can't wait to see her, I want to hold her, touch her, kiss her, caress her and absolutely shag her brains out! She too has stated that she misses that lust that you get when you 1st start seeing someone - the fuck everywhere lust, the fuck hard lust, the fuck lets fuck again lust, oh fuck it lets fuck lust.
I am amazingly horny just thinking about her like that. I just hope that when the time comes, that I don't come in a matter of seconds. I mean come on, I haven't had any regular sex for the last 7 years. It will be amazing to finally undress her, and hold her, touch her and see her in her lingerie, and then finally remove the wrapping to unveil the lustful sex goddess underneath.
now the only question is WHEN!?!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Moon Dance

Together alone on the balcony we watched as the moon rose above the valley.She was bent over the balcony railings and I fancied a piece of that, so I slid in behind her and thrust my groin into her and slipped my hand up her top. She exclaimed with delight, turned around and clumsily kissed me, turned around again to face the moon and unhitched her heaving great tits from her bra so they were now unfettered and awaiting my gropes.

I ground against her some more, massaged her tits and pulled her nipples just the way she likes it. Pretty soon she wanted my rock hard cock, so she undid my belt, slipped her hand in my underwear and grabbed it.

She moved her hand up and down my shaft until she said she wanted to taste my cock in her mouth - who was I to complain? So she got down on her knees and hungrily sucked me and massaged my balls, I took her head in my hands and started to thrust but I got a "ah ah, fuck me!" Again who was I to complain?

So she took of her pants and panties,leaned over the balcony and pointed her ass in my direction and said "fuck me and fuck me hard, I want to feel you thrusting into me", again I am not one for complaints, so I entered her from behind- her cunt was dripping by this stage and it was a real breeze to enter her. I thrust, and I thrust hard. I grabbed her hard on the shoulders and pounded, pounded her to an orgasm in the moonlight, and then come myself. I came and I came, I came a pint.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Slapping the Xmas Turkey

Well Xmas has been and gone, and I didn't get to unwrap this under my tree.

In fact there was no Xmas presents for me to unwrap in my bed on Xmas day this year. Having said that I did on Boxing day (26 Dec) suggest to the wife that we have a "cuddle" before we got out of bed. This did in fact get some action for my twig and berries albeit a little of the hand action, at least it was some action.

I notice that I have a comment from "wegglywoo", but somehow I just doubt it is THE wegglywoo. If you are anything like me and a fan of her fine writing, you may have noticed that her previous blogs have been taken over by "marketing" people - hence my reluctance to believe it is the wegg who is reading my blog.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I am home alone just surfing through the porn sites, feeling horny. Wishing that my wife was here so that I might be in with a chance of a bonk.

My dick is just so hard from looking at all of the naked young ladies. I just love them in their underwear and even out of the underwear - I just can't go past a woman in her lingerie, there is just something about it. I love women's tits, and them wearing a bra only,complete with a nicely coiffured pussy or even a shaved pussy. Masturbation, I love to watch them just play with their pussies.

My wife has never played with herself in front of me - she just won't, there is some issue with it being a private thing,don't ask me I have no idea. If only she would!

Right now, i want to just pull out my hard cock and stroke it until i just cum. OK, so I am now in the middle of wanking myself whilst I type this. I have broguht myself to the brinkof coming and stopped to type this. I am looking at some pictures that I downloaded of a woman called Ashley from, she is a downright spunk. i love the pictures of her in her pink lingerie, those are the ones that are doing it for right me now.

Does anyone actually read this? Leave a comment if you please, and let me know what you think. Ned